Proven Vision and Effective Leadership

Bob Loveridge has been an Arvada resident his whole life. 

As a native of Arvada, I have always been very proud of Arvada. It has been an honor to represent the citizens of Arvada at APEX Park & Recreation and Arvada Fire and many other positions in the community. I look forward to move the city to higher achievements.

The Fire District as well as the Apex Park and Recreation District bring a special quality to our life in Arvada. I desire to see the same continued quality of life in the City of Arvada. with my experience in government, I bring a wealth of knowledge of operations and proven leadership. Many candidates in this race have little or no experience. 

I have always been accessible for your thoughts and comments and will continue to do so. 


Arvadan’s need to feel safe again. We know we have a very good Police Department however we need to get them fully staffed. There needs to be ordinances that will give them the ability to control crime. 

Homelessness on the streets has become a very big problem. Arvada Fire’s Star unit have been out on the streets working with the homeless. They are helping these people to get the treatment that is best for them. There needs to be more to help these people get back to being self-reliant and have self-worth rather than just housing them. 

We need to finish road projects. Some have taken too much time and cost overruns are there. The market for construction has been a challenge, however we need to make sure that these get completed as our roads need much attention. There are many infrastructure needs that need to be addressed.

Much of the feel of Arvada has changed with the types of development that has been happening. We should take a close look at the land development code. Are we allowing development that is not compatible within the neighborhoods. This needs to be well defined before it goes to the City Council. 


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“I look at the ability I’ve brought developing projects that people love in this community, things that everyone loves to go to and is proud

  • One of the big ones was Apex Center
  • I was able to help get the Stenger/Lutz Complex built
  • Indian Tree Golf Course
  • Sims Street Pickleball courts

those are the things that I’ve brought to this community with Apex.” 

Community Involvement

  • Past President of the Arvada Fire Board
  • Past President of Apex Park & Recreation Board
  • 2016 Inductee to Arvada West High School Hall of Fame
  • High School Booster Club President
  • Volunteer Probation Officer
  • Past Chairman of Jeffco Building Code Board
  • Past Ski Instructor for the Blind Skier Program
  • Business Owner

Apex Park & Recreation District Accomplishments

  • Apex Center: Completed ahead of schedule, under budget
  • Indian Tree Golf Renovation
  • Long Lakes Ranch and Pioneer Park Fields
  • Pickle Ball Courts 82nd & Simms
  • Increased the number of Ball Fields from 22 to 110
  • Improvements to Community Center
  •  Instrumental in over $210 million in New and Expanded Recreational Projects 
  •  Apex Field House and Simms Street Center built without any debt
  •  Reduced the Apex Budget Tax Dollars from 70% to 35%

Arvada Fire Accomplishments

  • STAR Behavioral Health Response team. With increased Mental Health Issues we are Responding to those needs in a New and Better way including helping the homeless
  • Achieved an ISO 1 Rating and CFAI Accreditation which only 108 Fire Departments have achieved out of over 45,000 Fire Departments in the Country. These help building owners have the ability to have Low Insurance Rates and the Community one of the Finest Emergency Response Teams in the Country
  • Constructed 2 New Stations to improve the Response Time to All Areas of the District without debt to the District or Taxpayers
  • Working with the City of Arvada to help further the Fire Mitigation plans to help Prevent Large Wildfires.
  • Worked to ensure Financial Stability of the Fire District and APEX for many years to come.
  • Started the “Firefighters Car Fest” now in its 8th year.

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